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Trading over 1876 Live U2 Shows. Last updated 01/17/08

“My feeling is, that it is cool f or the people to share ourmusic - as long as no one is making money from the process. We tell the people who come to our concerts that they can tape the show if they want. I think, it is cool that people are so passionate about our music.” - Bono on bootlegs .



Audio and Video:

I'm always looking to trade for new shows and upgrade shows I already have! Unless it is something really hard to find, I am only looking to add shows that have known sources & generations. I am actively looking for Tapes, CD's, & DVD's.

Ticket Stubs:

I am also looking to trade for used & unused U2 ticket stubs. I will trade 2 double CD shows from my site for each stub you have to trade. I am looking for all years.

//Cover Art

I'm looking to add cover art to all of the shows on the site. I currently have full cover art for all my Early, Boy, October, Lovertown, ZooTv, & Popmart shows. I have half of the Joshua Tree shows finished. I'll be working on the other tours. If you have cover art or want to create it for a show I need covers for, please email them so I can post them to: coverart@u2depot.com


I'm always looking for any show I don't have, but I'm currently most activley searching for the September 21st Lovetown Tour show, September 11, 1997 Lisbon Popmart show, & Vertigo Tour shows I'm missing!

//U2 News

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