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//Trade Rules

1.  I do not sell discs, so please don't ask.
2.  My first preference is to trade via FTP, ICQ, or with DC over the high speed internet.  Should that not be an option for you, I will still trade by mail.

If we trade by mail:
I don't send discs in jewel cases, but I do use paper sleeves.  Don't write on the CDs.  Instead place a post it note on the disc to indicate what disc it is. I don't attach setlists with any CDs. You can copy and past them from my site. Please send by first class air mail.
3.  Please extract music with
Exact Audio Copy (it's free!) and burn Disc-At-Once (DAO)  with no programs running in the background unless you're on an NT platform.  I will do the same for you.  If there are any problems I will ask you to reburn. 
4. I can trade SHN and FLAC in addition to audio. I encode and archive many of my cdr's to these lossless compression formats.  When sending files in SHN or FLAC format (which I prefer), Please burn the text file & cover art for the show to the disc.
5. I am not interested in any discs created from mp3s!!!
6.  I prefer high quality discs, like Kodak, TDK, Sony or Fuji.  Please do not use Maxell, Memorex, or Imation discs.  I will return them to you.  If you use any other brand names, please ask me if I mind them first. If we trade over the internet, this is not an issue...
7..  I have a lot of shows. If you think or know you have something to offer for trade, I'm sure I'll want it.  If you have a smaller collection or you are just starting out, there are plenty of places on the net to get started.






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